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Reintegration and Inclusion

The Reintegration Programme at Iswar Sankalpa aims at the ‘inclusion’ of persons who are marginalized due to psychosocial disability. This often leaves them with the inability to explore their full potential and live a life with dignity. The programme is both enabling and empowering; supporting homeless and home-based persons with psychosocial disability in the process of reintegration through multi-pronged interventions. This is essential to foster inclusion and counter the stigma, discrimination and the ‘othering’ that persons with psychosocial disabilities face.

At Iswar Sankalpa, emphasis is also laid upon engaging persons with psychosocial disabilities in work to expedite their recovery process. A person’s self-image is enhanced by the work they do-they derive a sense of dignity, self-worth and self-reliance from the work they do.

The team works with potential and active employers to ensure a work environment conducive for clients’ engagement and productivity. The objective is to furnish irrefutable evidence of clients’ capacities and capabilities so that they won’t be viewed as a life-long burden by anyone.