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Crust and Core is a livelihood programme for homeless women with psychosocial disabilities. It is a cafe cum training unit where the women receive training in bakery and soft skills to be able to find employment in the F & B sector. It is envisaged as a sustainable programme which will support these women in their journey towards self-sustenance, towards becoming “Mind Champions”!

The café explores avenues for revenue generation – participation in exhibitions, stalls in corporate offices and educational institutions, sale through Swiggy, sale through customized orders and through Pop-Ups. All clients being trained receive training incentive, which contributes to their motivation and self-dependence.

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Shampa came to the women's shelter in Iswar Sankalpa in 2016 after being homeless for a long time. Over time, her story unraveled. She had lived in a severely abusive environment for years - experiencing emotional and physical maltreatment. Eventually, she became homeless. When she first came into the shelter, she had malnutrition and Malaria, and was diagnosed diagnosed with Schizophrenia. 

Shampa has been on a search for a harmonious home for years. She shared that how she consented to having sex with a stranger on the streets in the promise of a home.  However, she faced further rejection and abandonment. Having birthed a daughter on the streets, she worked as a rag picker for the survival of both her daughter and herself.

Shampa joined Crust & Core in 2017 and received training in the hope of employment which she wanted, in order to be able to provide for her daughter.  She was a quick learner and  in September 2019, she participated in the Super Chef cooking competition and secured 3rd position. 

Following this, she was invited to put up a stall at the Style Shack event for two consecutive days.

Shampa earns a monthly  stipend of INR 2500 for her work that she uses to support her daughter, Rajnandini, who lives in Hope Foundation, Kolkata. 

From November 2019 onwards, she has started interning under a professional baker in Kolkata and is really enjoying her experience. 

Shampa feels safe and at home at the shelter for now, but she is working towards making a home with her daughter in the future.

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