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Be A Changemaker

How Can YOU be part of the movement, How can YOU be a Changemaker?

Be Aware

Read up on Mental Health. We have some resources that can help you understand mental health, illness and psychosocial disability.

Be Informed

Complete the QualityRights e-training on mental health, recovery and community inclusion and earn a certificate from the World Health Organization. This training will help you:

  • improve your own mental health
  • learn how to support friends, family and members of the community
  • gain the knowledge and skills to tackle stigma, abuses and coercion in mental health
  • gain valuable expertise and skills to help transform services towards a person-centered,rights-based recovery approach

Download the QualityRights e-training flyer here.

The Mental Health Care Act 2017 specifies in Section 100, the role of the Police in respect to persons with mental illness. Use this information to get the nearest Police Station to carry out their duties.

Be Vocal and Share

Reach out to someone who you feel needs support, help people connect to the right resources for support. Talk about mental health and Iswar Sankalpa’s work. Spread the word! Talk about mental health with friends, family and your community.

Be Connected

Sign up for our newsletter and be aware of the latest from our side. Given below

    Be a Fundraiser

    Connect with us for ways in which you can be a Champion of the cause and become a fundraiser for Iswar Sankalpa’s work in your local community.

    Be Proactive

    Bring in mental health care and wellbeing into your educational institute, your workplace, your home. Break the stigma and let’s talk about mental health. Create a support system around yourself and loved ones.