Iswar Sankalpa is constantly on the lookout for voluntary help. We welcome all persons from diverse backgrounds, including professionals, students, homemakers, etc.

In order to ensure the most efficient use of everyone’s time and resources, Iswar Sankalpa realises the necessity for a harmonious working relationship with our volunteer base.

In this regard, Iswar Sankalpa sincerely attempts to provide as mutually benefiting an experience to our volunteers, by creating work schedules both in conjunction with the organisation’s needs as well in preference to the volunteers interests and skills sets.

We offer volunteer opportunities in a wide variety of areas, as outlined below.

Areas in which you could partake:

  • Participation and assistance in any of Iswar Sankalpa’s programmes
  • Data Entry and Documentation
  • Translation of material into Bengali, Hindi & Urdu
  • Creation of Database Management Systems/Provision of Information Technology Services
  • Design of posters, brochures, stickers, documentaries and other audio-visual material
  • Providing relevant trainings/workshops/seminars to staff and/or beneficiaries
  • Fundraising initiatives
  • Organization and coordination of various organisational Events/Programmes

If you would like to volunteer and join our team in our efforts to enable a safer, more secure platform for mental health rights and dignities for all individuals with psycho-social disabilities, please do fill in the Iswar Sankalpa Volunteer Form.

In case you

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would like to/have been asked to add a reference/recommendation to your application, please ask your nominated reference person to fill in the Iswar Sankalpa Volunteer Reference Check Form.

Click here to download the forms.

After completing the form, you can send it to Iswar Sankalpa at

Or come and meet:

Ms. Priyanka Mishra

Volunteer & Intern Coordinator

Sarbari Shelter, 19 B Chetla Hat Road, Kolkata 700027

Landline: 033-24491152

Mobile Phone: +91-9007357509