Iswar Sankalpa is made up of a team of driven and energetic professionals who constantly strive to take the organization to new heights.on

Laboni Roy

Laboni Roy, Assistant Director (Projects)

Laboni has been with the IS since its birth and walked the miles uphill. Her journey has been in discovering her fearlessness in the face of any challenge – ‘Hoyo nako kunthito, taale tal diyo tal ’ by Tagore is the theme song of her life.

Favourite IS Moment: Her favourite IS moment was when in the days of scarcity, she begged for food grains from the Gurudwara at Rashbehari Avenue for the residents of the shelter.


    Gunjan Chandak Khemka, Assistant Director (Projects)

    Gunjan loves music of different genres from old hindi music, country, blues, jazz,and movies ranging from Guru Dutt Movies, to the blackand white genre of Casablanca, to Pretty Womanand Forrest Gump. Variety is definitely the spice of her life. Hopeand love sustain this versatile, multitasking young professional

    Favourite IS Moment: Her favourite IS moment was the time she represented the organization in a meeting in Chennai.

      Supriyo Naskar

      Supriyo Naskar, Accountant

      Supriyo Naskar is a perfectionist and he gets energy to carry on in life with the blessings of his parents. Besides numbers, Supriyo is a great lover of sports like cricket and football. He enjoys trekking immensely and has trekked challenging heights in Roopkundu among others.

      Favourite IS Moment: His favourite IS moment was the day Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam visited the shelter.

        Priyanka Banerjee

        Priyanka Banerjee, Human Resource Officer

        Priyanka is a Certified Professional in Human Resources and has around 6 years of combined experience in Teaching and Administration. She is a self motivated individual with the commitment and flexibility to work in a changing environment. She believes "nothing is impossible" through hard work and strong determination. Loves travelling and photography for recreation.

        Favourite IS Moment: IS Annual Day 2015 held at ICCR.

          Abhiruchi Chatterjee

          Dr. Abhiruchi Chatterjee, Psychiatrist

          Abhiruchi is a psychiatrist and also a talented painter. Green is his favourite colour of life.

          Favourite IS Moment: His most memorable IS moment was the day the residents of IS shelter received a sensible and loving smile from the great scientist Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The moment inspired him to hold himself and his work with utmost integrity.


            Mrinmoyee Bose, Project Coordinator, Naya Daur

            Mrinmoyee loves the colours yellow, black and white. She loves Amir Khan, Juhi Chawla and has seen the the movie Titanic many times. She feels energized when she can bring a smile on the face of her loved ones. And she finds peace when she reunites the homeless to their primary ring of protection – their homes.

            Favourite IS moment: when she got the opportunity to meet Dr APJ Abdul Kalam during his visit to Sarbari shelter

              Pinki Bhattacharya

              Pinki Bhattacharya, Counselling Psychologist, Naya Daur

              Pinki likes listening to music and making new friends.  She wants to do something for her country men who are in vulnerable situations. Her mother is a great inspiration in her life and she would do anything to make her happy.

              Favourite IS Moment: When she rescued a distressed woman named Gita Adhikari from Sealdah and brought her to Sarbari Shelter.

                Avishaek Das

                Abhishaek Das, Social Worker, Urban Mental Health Programme

                Success motivates Abhishaek to move ahead in life. A googly in the game of cricketand Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne enthrall him.

                Favourite IS Moment: His favourite IS Moments are reintegrating the homeless back into mainstream life.


                  Kalu Prasad, Emergency Officer

                  Kalu loves football and is a man of ACTION. He is at his best during crisis managementand behind the steering wheel of a car.

                  Favourite IS Moment: His most memorable moment was when he could pacify a raging mother to give consent to hand over her child to child care officials while she carried on her own treatment at the Shelter.


                    Swapan Halder, Social Worker, Naya Daur

                    Swapan feels himself coming alive in the work for homeless persons who are neglected by society. His favourite colour is Black and he hums to the tune of ‘Tumhi dekho na’ as he walks the streets of Kolkata.

                    Favourite IS Moment: Accompanying the people under the care of IS for pandal hopping during Durga puja.


                      Khokan Majumder, Social Worker, Naya Daur

                      Khokan is motivated to help poor and helpless persons. This helped him create a rapport with the homeless persons he works with in the Sealdaha field. His other passion is playing football.

                      Favourite IS Moment: Active participation in Medical camp organized by a community club in Chetla.


                        Tapashi Kolay, Social Worker, Naya Daur

                        Tapashi had 6 plus years of experience working in the field of health and human rights before joining Iswar Sankalpa. But her work with IS has been an enriching experience and has helped her enhance her knowledge immensely.

                        Favourite IS Moment: Whenever a homeless person with mental illness returns to a state of 'normalcy'.


                          Arnab Banerjee, Centre Attendant

                          Arnab loves Indian Classical Music and the cinema of Basonta Chowdhury.

                          Favourite IS Moment: His favourite IS moment was the sheer joy and companionship he experienced in a team building program in Gopalpur, Orissa.


                            Suparna Mukhopadhyay, Drop-in-Centre Coordinator

                            Suparna holds master's degree in Englishand Social Work. Music is her passionand she loves to sing. Helping people gives her immense joyand peace.

                            Favourite IS Moment: Distributing new dressesand special food boxes to the mentally ill persons on the streets during Durga Puja


                              Debapriya Dasgupta, Social Worker, Naya Daur

                              Debapriya holds a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce from Calcutta University. He is passionate about Photography and loves to capture moments with his camera. He is also an expert in kick boxing. Music gives him energy. He makes friends easily and loves spending time with friends over cups of tea.

                                Subholina Chakroborty

                                Subholina Chakraborty, Supervisor, Sarbari Shelter

                                Subholina has counselling experience of 4+ years in social work sector. From her young age she used to dream of extending helping hand to those in needand this dream helped her to choose this sector. She is hard working, honest, consistentand sincere towards her workand can perform well under pressure. She loves paintingand travelling to different places especially to the hills.

                                Favourite IS Moment: Within months of joining the shelter, Subholina was part of a challenging restoration trip to a remote village in Odisha and was able to reunite an aged shelter resident with her family after 2 long years of separation. The smile on the woman’s face when she saw her family was a precious moment for Subholina.

                                  Shreyasi Dey

                                  Shreyasi Dey, Inventory Manager

                                  Shreyasi has a lot of things she is passionate about - literature, music, physics and football. She has a creative bend of mind. Pablo Neruda is her inspiration towards goodness and wildness. She sees herself as a universal citizen and dreams for a better world for everyone.

                                  Favourite IS Moment: When the women of Sarbari shelter performed a skit excellently at an outside programme in front of a large audience, defeating all doubts over abilities of persons with psychosocial disability- that surely was a proud moment for Shreyasi, especially because she had been a part of the direction team.



                                    Karuna Banerjee, Drop-in-Centre Coordinator & Social Worker

                                    Karuna is committed to serving the society. This made her take up a diploma course in Social Work when her daughter grew upand took a job. Karuna wanted to do something for the poorand the needy of this country. On completion of the course, she joined Iswar Sankalpa as a volunteerand soon her work won her a full time job in the organization.

                                    Favourite IS Moment: Whenever a person in her care gains a joband starts an independent journey.


                                      Manorama Majumdar, Nurse, Sarbari Shelter

                                      Manorama’s hero is Uttam Kumar in Dewa Newa. She sings Rabindrasangeet while tending to the residents of Sarbari Shelter, and believes that Love is the magic that can heal.

                                      Favourite IS Moment: Being able to reunite Gita Devi with her family, even though there was not enough information available to locate her home and family members.

                                        Kusum Halder

                                        Kusum Haldar, Caregiver, Nayagram Community Living Project

                                        Ahladi by Sukumar Ray inspires Kusum to live each day with a smile.

                                        Favourite IS Moment: Her favourite IS moment was discovering togethernessand joy during the picnic organized with residentsand team of Sankalpa


                                          Fulmoni Topno, Culinary Trainer, Crust and Core Cafe

                                          Fulmoni is very friendly in nature. Her hobbies are travelling, cooking, singingand dancing. She loves to care for  the peopleand does not expect anything in return from  them.

                                          Favourite IS Moment :  When she cooked for the first time for some special guests who visited the Sarbari shelterand they greatly appreciated her skills.
                                            Tapan Prodhan

                                            Tapan Prodhan, Reintegration Coordinator

                                            Tapan thrives on challenges. The more difficult the challenge, the faster he moves. He believes there is no such thing called impossible. If one keeps on trying, he/she will achieve success. He loves to play Chessand his favourite movie is 3 Idiots.

                                            Favourite IS Moment: Restoring homeless persons to their homes after long years of separation.


                                              Madhumita Karmakar, Reintegration Officer

                                              Madhumita had 3 years of experience as field researcher before joining Iswar Sankalpa and faced many challenges. She is very much passionate about reading story books and travelling. She loves adventure. She dreams of a beautiful world where everybody lives happily.

                                              Favourite IS Moment: She enjoyed the challenges she faced on a restoration visit to Nagaland while locating a client's home in a small remote village.

                                                Basanti Dutta

                                                Basanti Dutta, Vocational Trainer & Production Unit Member

                                                Creative Basanti is always spirited with her creations and innovative designs for products taught in vocational training. She feels proud to be associated with the organization and remains undefeated in her resolve to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged people. Basanti has a green thumb and unwinds by doing gardening in her free time.

                                                Favourite IS Moment: Her favourite IS moment was when she could motivate a very reluctant shelter resident to stitch a new design of bag.

                                                  Nisha Prasad

                                                  Nisha Prasad, Vocational Trainer

                                                  Nisha is a creative person and likes decorating living spaces, especially her own home. She also likes to cook new dishes and listen to soft  music. She wants to help those who did not get help from their own family. This goal had motivated her to join Iswar Sankalpa.

                                                  Favourite IS Moment: The day Ex-President Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam visited the shelter


                                                    Shraboni Paul, Functional Literacy Instructor

                                                    Sharboni is a post graduate in social development. Dancing is her inspiration. She loves to communicate with people. Her strength is honesty, ability to work hard  & her helpful nature.
                                                    Favorite IS Moment: IS Annual Day 2015, at ICCR.

                                                      Bijoli Ray, Vocational Training Instructor

                                                      Stitching is not only Bijoli's profession, it is also her most liked activity. She is also very fond of cooking and remains keen to learn new recipes.

                                                      Favourite IS Moment: Bijoli feels happy when shelter residents share their stories with her.


                                                        Anjuman Ara, Production Unit Member

                                                        Anjuman had joined the vocational training unit of Iswar Sankalpa as a participant. Anjuman feels that Iswar Sankalpa has helped her to learn something new each day and inspired her to pave a new path towards independence.

                                                        Favourite IS Moment: When she was offered a job at the production unit.

                                                          Nabanita Mukherjee

                                                          Nabanita Mukherjee, Project Manager, UMHP

                                                          Nabanita loves to trek and is always smiling.

                                                          Favourite IS Moment: A client came with his mother to the clinic and his mother said that she is now very much relieved that her son is working now and gives all the money he earns to his mother. Though she has two more sons who are not psychosocially disabled as he is, they did not help her out. Our client is now a proud earning member of the family.

                                                            Malyashree Basu

                                                            Malyasree Basu, Counselling Psychologist, UMHP

                                                            Apart from helping a person or helping a mentally ill person Malyasree loves to do anything related to mental health field. Also she loves to eat, listen to music, reading old & new books and travelling to places.

                                                            Favourite IS Moment: When she helped one of Iswar Sankalpa’s homeless mentally ill clients to reunite with his family.

                                                              Ratna Naskar

                                                              Ratna Naskar, Counselling Psychologist, UMHP

                                                              Ratna strongly believes that quality of work and life is more important than quantity. She is most happy when people benefit from the counselling and interventions done in the clinic. Sky blue is Ratna’s colour and Sarat Chandra Chatterjees novels are her life. Her favourite movie is ‘Tum Bin’ and favourite song – ‘Jivan ke din chhote sahi’.


                                                                Shamima Khatoon, Rehabilitation Officer

                                                                Shamima has dedicated her life to the cause of upliftment of disadvantaged persons in society. The serenity of the colour ‘White’ is a reflection of her mind.

                                                                Favourite IS Moment: Her favourite IS moment was the day the head of the organization told her that she was a special gift to the organization and her involvement has helped the organization to improve its work. These words have motivated her to work harder.


                                                                  Rumpa Banerjee, Social Worker, UMHP

                                                                  Rumpa is a perfectionist and likes to be thorough with her work. She loves talking to everyone and reading fictions.

                                                                    Chameli Saha

                                                                    Chameli Saha, Supervisor, Marudyan Shelter

                                                                    Chameli thrives on challenges. Nothing is impossible for her. She enjoys Uttam Suchitra movies and Sunil Gangopadhyays novels. She has learnt that with positive energy everything is possible.

                                                                    Favourite IS Moment: Her favourite IS moment was when she could motivate a group of homeless persons in Sealdah to cook their own food instead of buying or begging.


                                                                      Sankar Mouli, Social Worker, Marudyan Shelter

                                                                      Sankar believes in simple living and honest thinking. He loves his work at Iswar Sankalpa.
                                                                      Favourite IS Moment: The day when the Marudyan Night shelter for homeless men with psychosocial disability was opened.

                                                                        Pintu Das, Caregiver, Marudyan Shelter

                                                                        Pintu is a soft-spoken and caring person. He loves to dance and travel to different places.

                                                                        Favourite IS Moment: When he led the team of Marudyan residents in the dance 'Khoro Bayu Boy Bege..." in Tasher Desh in IS Annual Programme 2015 at ICCR.


                                                                          Palash Mondal, Caregiver, Marudyan Shelter

                                                                          Palash is driven by his love and commitment for the work he does. Nothing gives him more joy and satisfaction than helping the residents to become active members of the society.

                                                                          Favourite IS Moment: Participating in games and fun activities with the residents and the staff at Iswar Sankalpa's annual picnic 2015.